Master Latin Verbs

Intellego provides a comprehensive, efficient, and enjoyable way to practice Latin verbs. With over 600 verbs in its built-in offline dictionary, it is suitable for any level of study.


Over 600 Verbs

...and no downloads. With over 600 verbs in its built-in offline dictionary, Intellego is suitable for any level of study.


Intellego’s Macr-ON™ feature allows you to choose whether you want your answers to be checked for macron accuracy or not.

Endless Practice

You can practice conjugating any regular Latin verb of your choice. Whether it’s in Intellego’s dictionary or not, its algorithms will still check your answers and give you detailed and accurate feedback.

Practice Modes

Parsing Practice

Correctly identify the five characteristics of a verb: person, number, tense, mood and voice. Parsing is one of the most frequent assessments of verb knowledge in Latin classrooms; developing speed and accuracy is essential.

Irregular Verb Practice

Identify and translate four of the most common irregular verbs in Latin: sum, possum, ferō, and volō. Answer questions correctly to set new high scores and earn Denarii!

Conjugation Practice

Conjugate verbs (both Intellego’s and your own) in any combination of the six Latin tenses, two voices, and two moods. You can select which of these are active in the Settings menu.

Infinitive Practice

Test yourself on all six forms of the Latin infinitive (the present, future, and perfect tenses, in both the active and passive voices), with either a randomly picked verb from our database, or any regular verb of your choice. You can also check your time against a stopwatch. Collect Denarii (Roman coins) as you improve!


"As a Latin student, I cannot stress how valuable this tool has been to me in internalizing patterns of verb conjugation and the nature of the language. I strongly recommend this app to all you Latin Scholars out there, and to anyone interested in learning a new language. It is a fun, crisp, and addictive way to interact with one of the oldest known languages. Give it a try, I promise you'll enjoy it :)"


"This app has been incredibly useful for practicing specific types of verbs whenever I need them, and is very user friendly. The design looks great, and there is a wide array of useful settings. This is worth much more than just $1.99. Awesome!"


"Coming from a Latin student who has some serious trouble conjugating/parsing verbs, this app is amazing!! Not only does it have a clean look to it, but it also has a huge vocabulary database and is accurate. An update that would be most appreciated is showing your answer and the right answer side by side when you get it wrong in verb conjugation practice. It does show the right answer, but the right answer replaces your answer and sometimes I can't remember what I put. Thank you so much for this life-saving app!!"


More Features


Visit the Learn section for a very brief introduction to Latin verbs, including verb ending charts.


The About section features a complete tutorial for Intellego, as well as credits and acknowledgements.


The Settings section contains options to enable or disable any conjugation, tense, voice, or mood, and to switch the Macr-ON™ feature on or off.

No Network Connection Required

This app is fully self-contained and does not require an Internet connection after download. There are absolutely no ads and no in-app purchases.

Intellego for Education

Teachers can get a 50% discount off the price of Intellego by using the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Visit to learn more.