Vergil's Aeneid

Presenting Relego, an easy, accessible, and intelligent method for learning the vocabulary of Vergil's Aeneid.

Relego's card-based practice system and gesture-driven interface make studying much more efficient and intuitive. As you practice, Relego uses its algorithms to intelligently create practice lists tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.


Over 1,800 words

Relego's offline dictionary contains 1,824 entries, searchable in Latin and English. Specific word lists can be easily created by tapping entires, allowing for personalized study.

Study smarter

The more you practice, the better Relego can predict how you'll learn best. Cards will change color to indicate your level of mastery, and Relego will help you to reinforce words you already know. And, you can choose whether to view the English or Latin side first—whatever works best.

Don't forget!

Relego can send you practice reminders however often you'd like. A 5-word practice session takes about 30 seconds, but consistency can work wonders for long-term retention.

Save everything

All your progress, dictionary selections, and preferences are saved to your device automatically.

Relego is a winner of the 2018 Congressional App Challenge, the United States' "most prestigious prize in student computer science".