Howdy! I'm Seb.

I'm interested in interpretable machine learning, computer vision, embedded software, space systems, computational biology, photography, music, and open source.

I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry from Yale University in 2023, and am currently based in Nashua, NH, USA. If you'd like to say hello, please head over here. I'd love to chat!

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Try playing around with the values below. When you're done, hit enter to see how your changes affect the particles at the top of this page.

display text:
pixel spacing: lower = denser particle field
damping: min | max, lower damps more
particle radius: min | max, affects mass
spawn velocity:
gather radius: gather = left click and hold
gather velocity: absolute value
halo radius: during gather | normal
halo rigidity: during gather | normal
halo strength: during gather | normal
nova velocity: nova = gather and let go
nova radius:
escape velocity:
dot field radius:
dot field spacing:
        ✦       ⋆  .        
    *       +      .    °   
  ˚    ⊹  *      .    ·     
  .   ˚   · .  ⋆  ˚ ·   *   
         .     ·      °