Intellego: Master Latin Verbs

An enjoyable and effective way to practice verb conjugations in Latin.


This app has been incredibly useful for practicing specific types of verbs whenever I need them, and is very user friendly. The design looks great, and there is a wide array of useful settings. This is worth much more than just $1.99. Awesome!

Coming from a Latin student who has some serious trouble conjugating/parsing verbs, this app is amazing!! Not only does it have a clean look to it, but it also has a huge vocabulary database and is accurate.

As a Latin student, I cannot stress how valuable this tool has been to me in internalizing patterns of verb conjugation and the nature of the language. I strongly recommend this app to all you Latin Scholars out there, and to anyone interested in learning a new language. It is a fun, crisp, and addictive way to interact with one of the oldest known languages. Give it a try, I promise you’ll enjoy it :)


Practice Modes

Intellego for Education

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